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July 15, 2015 - Finding Carter

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Even nonetheless I’m comparison now, we still adore a good teen-based show. I’m disturbed I’ve seen them all, though. What do we watch next? —Lauren

I’m with you, Lauren. we adore teen shows. It competence indeed be my favorite genre, that is given I’ve put together a list of 101 of them for you. Enjoy.

These shows are compulsory observation for fans of teen TV and flattering tighten to compulsory observation for TV education in general. They’re in alphabetical sequence given I’m not perplexing to start a riot.

American High (2000): One of a best documentary-style existence shows ever. High-school seniors (and one unequivocally charismatic junior) were filmed over a march of a year, nonetheless they also kept their possess video diaries and filmed their possess home lives — and this is behind before a days of a selfie. Fantastic.
Buffy a Vampire Slayer (1997–2003): Back in a day, Buffy helped conclude what teen dramas — and teen heroines — could be. If you’re still sitting there wondering, Should we watch Buffy?, we don’t know how to assistance you.
Daria (1997–2001): Somehow, Daria and Jane feel as uninformed and essential now as they did roughly 20 years ago. Misery chicks forever. 
Freaks and Geeks (1999–2000): Oh, Weirs, we were always too changed for this world. 
Friday Night Lights (2006–2011): It doesn’t customarily get described as a teen drama, nonetheless it is: It’s set during a high school, facilities straightforward speak about sex, virginity, drug and ethanol use, boundary-setting, etc., and it reminds viewers that revelation devoted adults about your problems is always a good idea. 
Gilmore Girls (2000–2007): Patter, coffee, repeat. 
My So-Called Life (1994): Arguably a many worshiped uncover on this list, and for good reason. Its singular deteriorate is one of a best of any shows, ever.

It’s not that all of these shows are so good (some are!), nonetheless they are landmark shows in a genre. Your personal mileage competence vary.

Beavis and Butt-head (original run: 1993–1997): A era of glow and music-video enthusiasts owe their fun to BB.
Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990–2000): The Walshes et al. are an essential fiber in a fabric of a culture.
Dawson’s Creek (1998–2003): Hard to suppose someone reading a whole essay about teen radio if he or she hasn’t seen Dawson’s Creek.
Degrassi (original run: 1987–1991; 2001–present): Old-school Degrassi was overwhelmingly earnest. D:TNG can be, too, nonetheless it’s also as fatty and eloquent as they come. In a good way.
Fame (1982–1987): It’s gonna live forever.
Gossip Girl (2007–2012): Perhaps it stayed on a atmosphere too long. But deteriorate one is unimpeachable.
Laguna Beach (2004–2006): The stream code of lifestyle publishing centered around teenagers — coupled with a aesthetics of a scripted uncover — really took off in a new approach post-Laguna.
Party of Five (1994–2000): Not as immature and corn-dog as we remember.

These are smashing shows that many of us would put in a time plug for destiny generations nonetheless other (wrong) people would not.

Felicity (1998–2002): Yeah, it got a tiny smurfy there during a end, nonetheless a smashing outweighs a wonky by a lot. In this life, there are Bens and there are Noels. Know that one we want, and be means to tell that one is which.
The Fosters (2013–present): Maybe a array will burst a shark, and if this list gets updated a few years from now it won’t be in this category. But for now, The Fosters is one of those tiny value shows, tiny in range — usually one family, nonetheless a patchwork coverlet of one — nonetheless large in ambition. Plus it’s sensitively one of a many on-going shows on TV.
My Mad Fat Diary (2013–2015): This British array about a depressed, self-harming, overweight teen lady is a gutsy, mostly unwashed delight. Sometimes teen shows (and … teens) get a tiny show-off-y about how many layers their characters have, and how — ooooh — she’s privately not how she seems! But of march in this life nothing of us is accurately how we seem, and MMFD is impersonal about it.
The O.C. (2003–2007): We just talked about this. The O.C. is wonderful.
Undeclared (2001–2002): I’m not observant it’s better than Freaks and Geeks — that show’s perplexing to tell a opposite kind of story — but I’ll contend this: we have rewatched Undeclared more, and we consider of it some-more and some-more fondly. College is so weird.
Veronica Mars (2004–2007): Pri-i-vate eyes, examination you. If that strain doesn’t immediately conjure Vinnie Van Lowe’s terrible dance moves for you, you’ve missed out on one of a sharpest shows in a genre. Season one’s delicately plotted poser would land a uncover among a greats, nonetheless a other dual seasons hit it down a category.

Some of these are directed during teens, and some are simply about teens.

A Different World (1987–1993): Like FNL, this seems some-more like a mainstream uncover than a teen uncover — and yet.
Aliens in America (2007–2008): This one-season CW sitcom about a Pakistani sell tyro vital with an American family flew underneath many people’s radars, nonetheless it’s a swain of a show.
Blossom (1990–1995): Not all of it has aged well, nonetheless some of it has.
Everybody Hates Chris (2005–2009): Oh sure, everybody loves Terry Crews now, nonetheless where were we all 10 years ago? (He plays a dad.)
The Facts of Life (1979–1988) Obviously.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990–1996): Even some-more obviously.
Malcolm in a Middle (2000–2006): Surprisingly underappreciated. Malcolm is uncanny and rebellious and value a rewatch.
Moesha (1996–2001): There should substantially be a apart ranking or appreciation of BFF characters from teen shows. (The uncover was not a same after Kim got her spinoff.)
That ’70s Show (1998–2006): Hyde and Jackie could go on that BFF list, too.

These shows competence have transient your notice, that is a empathize — given they are overwhelming — but also a treat, given now we know accurately where to start with your to-watch list.

Bunheads (2012–2013): It’s a methadone to Gilmore Girls‘ pristine heroin, nonetheless it gets a pursuit done.
Everwood (2002–2006): Some of us were pro–Chris Pratt 10 years ago.
Greek (2007–2011): Few college shows constraint a silly foolishness of being on one’s possess for a initial time, nonetheless Greek positively nails it. Honestly, if you’re gonna collect one new uncover from this list, collect Greek.
Grosse Pointe (2000–2001): It’s a teen soap about a teen soap, and it’s wonderful.
Huge (2010): “Why didn’t Winnie Holzman from My So-Called Life make some-more teen shows?” In fact, she did.
Jack Bobby (2004–2005): One of them grows adult to be president! But also cold for a pre–Mad Men John Slattery and Jessica Paré.
Joan of Arcadia (2003–2005) File underneath “is adolesence magic?” along with Buffy. Sometimes apropos a grown-up feels like a superpower.
The L.A. Complex (2012–2013) “Teen show” is not utterly right, given roughly nothing of a characters are themselves teens, nonetheless it was primarily going to be a spinoff of Degrassi, so it counts. It’s also a blast.
Life Unexpected (2010–2011): Earnest teen play and a unequivocally honeyed rom-com? Be still, my heart.
Popular (1999–2001): Early Ryan Murphy! It’s not restrained, exactly, nonetheless it’s not as poetic as his after work.
Privileged (2008–2009): If we like Gilmore Girls, this will be your jam.
The Middleman (2008): Not a teen uncover per se, nonetheless it was on ABC Family. If usually all abnormal shows were this intelligent and thoughtful.

More celebration and cursing; fewer episodes.

Brat Camp (2005–2007)” The American chronicle is okay, too, nonetheless a British strange — a documentary-style array where uneasy teenagers go by “wilderness therapy” — is better. we can’t attest for a healing efficiency or reliable standards, nonetheless it’s good TV.
Fresh Meat (2011–2013): A ridiculously desirable college-set raunchy comedy.
The Inbetweeners (2008–2010): It’s tough to etch a perfect dumbness of youth choices nonetheless judging or criticizing them, nonetheless The Inbetweeners pulls it off by balancing absurd stupidity with genuine vulnerability.
Misfits (2009–2013): Delinquent teenagers rise superpowers, so this also fits in with a magical-puberty model.
Nearly Famous (2007): British Fame! Yes.
Skins (2007–2013): American Skins was not good, nonetheless a strange British Skins was. At slightest sometimes.
Some Girls (2012–present): A high-school-set comedy that’s twice as humorous and keen as you’d expect.

In a seductiveness of completeness, we am including these shows. Many other people, some of whom we like and trust, suffer these programs; maybe we will be among them.

Angel (1999–2004): It’s fine, really, nonetheless it’s no Buffy.
Glee (2009–2015): we can’t trust we used to watch Glee. My goodness. we will say, though, that The Glee Project brought me many hours of joy, and we suggest it nonetheless reservation.
One Tree Hill (2003–12): How many times can a dog eat a donor heart before you’re like, “Ehh, we consider this uncover has run out of ideas”? The answer is once.
Smallville (2001–2011): This isn’t Smallville‘s fault, we usually privately do not caring during all about any Superman stuff. If we do, though, we will substantially suffer this.
Swans Crossing (1992): Sarah Michelle Gellar’s early years. (This warranted two mentions on Twitter yesterday, hence a suggestion, nonetheless it is a usually uncover on this list that we have never seen.)
The Vampire Diaries (2009–present): Eh, no appreciate you.

Some places usually shake out teen television. MTV is one of them.

16 and Pregnant (2009–present): Not to be confused with Teen Mom; this is a one that facilities opposite immature women any week. Nowhere nearby as exploitative as it could be, and yet, as with The Paper, one wonders if it’s ever a good thought for teenagers to be on an MTV existence show, even a documentary-style one. 
The Ashlee Simpson Show (2004): Way improved than Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica
Awkward (2011–present): The gift has now ragged a tiny thin, nonetheless a initial few seasons are solid. 
Buckwild (2013): RIP, Shain. 
Clone High (2002–2003): What an odd, noted tiny show. It would be during home on, say, Adult Swim now, nonetheless during a time it was a genuine outlier. 
Faking It (2014): A uncover about high-schoolers sanctimonious to be lesbians to get courtesy could be awful and tone-deaf, nonetheless Faking It figured out how to be both over-the-top and grounded in genuine emotions. 
Finding Carter (2014–present): Not a masterpiece, nonetheless positively fun enough, generally for fans of The Face on a Milk Carton kinds of stories. 
Generation Cryo (2013): Meet Breeanna, a self-possessed, courteous 17-year-old on a query to accommodate many of her biological half-siblings — a bond they share interjection to a common spermatazoa donor. A gentle, comfortable scrutiny of how we form families. 
If You Really Knew Me (2010): A doc-style array where facilitators go to opposite high schools and inspire students to share things about themselves that other people competence not know (in sequence to fight bullying, firm amicable sorting, and isolation). Cue a waterworks. we can’t even consider about this uncover nonetheless removing choked up. 
Made (2002–present): Not any part is about a teen, nonetheless a best ones are. Identity is privately so malleable, and nonetheless we all feel so trapped in a firm roles. Sigh. 
The Paper (2008): High-school students shouldn’t be means to be on existence shows, usually given it’s so incriminating and astray to put a spotlight on what’s already an emotionally severe time period. MTV doesn’t follow that rule, though, and this uncover set in a high-school journal evoked an distilled multiple of schadenfreude, horror, and joy. 
Rich Girls (2003): Some shows are usually magical. 
Sorority Life (2002–2004): There was a time when a enlightenment was somewhat reduction jam-packed with existence television, and so a subjects of existence TV shows were frequently reduction guarded, reduction polished, reduction “on.” Sorority was among that era’s final gasps. 
Taking a Stage (2009–2010): Real-life Fame! Yes! 
Teen Mom (2009–present): It started out good, during least. 
Teen Wolf (2011–present): If we wish a teen werewolf show, you’re not gonna do a lot improved than this. 
Underemployed (2012): Not utterly teen characters, nonetheless a clever teen vibe. There were so many uncanny and off hiccups on this series, and nonetheless … several hugely appealing aspects, too. 
Undressed (1999–2002): How were there so many episodes of this show?

Mostly good, infrequently earnest. 

10 Things we Hate About You (2009–2010): No one cared about this show, that is a genuine shame: It was indeed flattering good.
Beautiful People (2005–2006): A singular mom and her dual daughters make a go of things in New York. Low-impact, and usually fatty enough.
Kyle XY (2006–2009): A ideally excusable sci-fi/government swindling series.
Lincoln Heights (2007–2009): It’s some-more of a family-set shows than utterly a teen drama, and there are crime-solving aspects (dad is a cop) and oddity about civic misery and decay.
Make It or Break It (2009–2012): we will never know given there aren’t some-more gymnastics shows. Never.
The Nine Lives of Chloe King (2011): we will never know given there aren’t some-more secretly-a-cat-witch shows. Never.
Pretty Little Liars (2010–present): Hope we like murder-mysteries! And some-more importantly, never elucidate them.
State of Grace (2001–2002): Technically this was before ABC Family was ABC Family, nonetheless let’s not separate hairs. The uncover starred baby Alia Shawkat and baby Mae Whitman as dual BFFs behind in 1965.
Switched during Birth (2011–present): we wish some-more people would give this uncover a try. It can be a tiny cheesy once in a while, nonetheless it’s also captivating, and one of unequivocally few shows to acknowledge, let alone include, deaf culture.
Twisted (2013): A dark, murder-y uncover in a capillary of PLL — so of march it finished on a cliff-hanger.
Wildfire (2005–2008): Troubled teen heals herself by operative with horses. Behold, so many plantation romance.

Canada competence be a loyal homeland of a teen series. Watch out for sore-eeys.

Heartland (2007–present): Another equine show, somehow.
Higher Ground (2000): Another uneasy teenagers show, somehow.
Instant Star (2004–2008): What happens after we win a existence competition show? You turn awesome. At slightest that’s what happens in this (scripted) array about an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Bonus points for some tangible good songs.
Radio Free Roscoe (2003–2006): Funky teenagers start an subterraneous radio station. we don’t know how, nonetheless they make it seem unequivocally cool.
Whistler (2006–2008): A murder-mystery set within a snowboarding world. No good shakes, nonetheless some beguiling soap nonsense sprinkled here and there.

These aren’t shows that are superb in any quality-oriented ways, and nonetheless they are strangely addictive and somehow compelling. No judgment.

The Bedford Diaries (2006): A college-set uncover where everyone’s study tellurian sexuality. Get it? Because, we know, we’re alllllll study tellurian sexuality.
Dance Academy (2010–2013): Australia is no Canada when it comes to teen shows. Dance‘s behaving is generally wooden, and a discourse unequivocally clunky. But … it’s a uncover set during a dance academy! Of march it’s fun! 
H20: Just Add Water (2006–2010): Another entrance in a “Really, Australia?” list. It’s not that there’s anything so wrong about a uncover about teen mermaids, it’s that a behaving is somehow reduction plausible than a mermaidhood. 
Hellcats (2010): Honestly, this isn’t bad-bad. It’s usually a ephemeral CW cheerleader play starring Ashley Tisdale. 
Summerland (2004–2005): After their relatives die, 3 unhappy teenagers have to pierce in with their aunt. Luckily, she lives during a beach and is also Aunt Becky from Full House
Young Americans (2000): Just be Dawson’s Creek.

These shows are maybe not during a comprehensive top turn of excellence, nonetheless they are estimable of your viewing.

The 100 (2014–present): Battlestar Galactica Jr., and with some-more kissing. If they could palliate off on how many characters use a word “my people,” that would urge things greatly, nonetheless as-is, a intelligent and well-paced sci-fi array that drift a unconventional elements with romantic anchors. 
The Carrie Diaries (2013–2014) AnnaSophia Robb glowed as a immature Carrie Bradshaw, and even nonetheless a uncover was approach improved than anyone approaching it to be, it never utterly determined itself outward of Sex and a City‘s shadow. 
Life As We Know It (2004–2005): More boy-centric than many of a shows on this list, Life centers on a class of high-school dudes who any take turns addressing a camera. Lots and lots and lots of sex talk. 
Point Pleasant (2005): Is this teen lady a devil? Maybe! Could have usually been pristine schlock, nonetheless PP was zippy and sudsy instead. 
Puberty Blues (2012–2014): Okay, Australia, we clear yourself with this one. The uncover is set in a ’70s, with a somewhat gossamer cultured to match. It’s a studious show, one that moves solemnly adequate to give tiny moments vital significance. 
South of Nowhere (2005): Half-hour dramas aren’t unequivocally a thing, nonetheless any once in a while one comes along. Come for a transracial adoption stories, stay for a teen lesbian stories.

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