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February 20, 2015 - Finding Carter

Learn where to mark Selena Gomez, Paul Rudd, Ben Affleck, Robert De Niro, and Zac Efron for Feb filming

February 20, 2015

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We’ve had a lot of filming movement this month, and some-more is on a horizon. Grab your popcorn, squeeze your camera, and see what’s done in Georgia.

Dirty Grandpa (production code: DG) was by distant one of a many entire productions in a final 30 days. Atlanta seemed star-struck by carrying Zac Efron and Robert De Niro in town. Personally, I’d like to consider a hum came from a pink Mini Cooper convertible that featured prominently during shooting. As distant as productions go, this one wasn’t really secret. Photos flooded amicable media, giving us behind-the-scenes glimpses of a peculiar integrate on set. In late January, we speckled filming during a few Buckhead spots: a Gold Room, a Havana Club, and a selling district off of East Andrews Drive. Other scenes were shot nearby Chattahoochee Avenue, OTP in Marietta, and during 200 Peachtree (a stone’s chuck from a Atlanta repository office). Save for destiny reshoots, prolongation has finished; as of Feb 13, filming changed on to Florida.

Last month, we overwhelmed quickly on a arriving Selena Gomez flick, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving (RFOC). The film also brings Ant-Man alum Paul Rudd behind to Atlanta for a spell. Based on a novel by Jonathan Evison, a film facilities Rudd as a male who has suffered unthinkable loss. After enrolling in a caregiving class, his opinion on life starts to change figure when he is interconnected with an angst-ridden teen (Craig Roberts) pang from robust dystrophy and abrasive on Dot (Selena Gomez). Filming began nearby North Decatur Presbyterian Church on Jan 22. It changed into Midtown off of 14th Street shortly after that, and recently, there have been sharpened stints in White and Cartersville. And when not filming, you’ll be blissful to hear that stars Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez confirmed themselves into Atlanta culture. They visited Antico recently and schooled how to make those smashing pizzas.

Photograph by Matt Walljasper
Photograph by Matt Walljasper

AMC’s Silicon Prairie drama, Halt and Catch Fire (HCF) began sharpened a second deteriorate in city with Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, and Mackenzie Davis. Atlanta stands in for 1980s Dallas, that was a vital actor in a personal mechanism revolution. The array charts a changing energetic of a tech attention in Dallas that not-only led to a gadget-driven universe we know today, though also ensured a birth of this Dallas-born common purveyor of film knowledge. We’ve already seen sharpened in Roswell and Norcross this month. Recently, signs were speckled on 10th Street subsequent to Piedmont Park.

Ben Affleck’s The Accountant (Wolf) continues to sensitively fire via a metro area. Some movement was filmed out in Bishop before returning ITP to Marietta Street and West Midtown in early February. More recently, signs were speckled on John Wesley Dobbs Avenue and Courtland Street, as good as off of a Connector during 10th Street this week.

MTV’s Finding Carter (WHO) was in Avondale Estates final week, right in a heart of Decatur on Ponce before that, and will be in Tyrone for a subsequent few days. The Game (SDS) was speckled filming during a Gold Dome, and The Originals (TOGS) continues a prolongation in Monroe. House of DVF, a E! Diane von Furstenberg existence show, filmed a bit during a recently-opened DVF emporium in Lenox Square. We also nonetheless again enjoyed another blast from a past this month when The 5th Wave (Sheldrake) shot some movement on Peachtree and MLK final week.

Aside from what we’ve formerly told we to demeanour for in nearby destiny (The Ring 3, Captain America: Civil War), we can design Devious Maids (DM) to start filming a third deteriorate subsequent month. Later this spring, keep an eye out for Jaden Smith and Maya Rudolph in a Lorne Michaels-led HBO comedy pilot, Brothers in Atlanta. The uncover we’re many vehement for, however, is a FX-ordered comedy commander Atlanta, combined by Childish Gambino himself, Donald Glover. It will concentration on dual cousins perplexing to make it into a Atlanta swat game. If you’re not informed with Glover’s work, know this: He is both lethal humorous in his comedy and beautifully elegant in his music. Combining a dual yielded certain formula during his time on NBC’s Yahoo’s Community, and we can usually design it will be a powerhouse array for FX. No word on when he’ll start shooting, though when he does, we can’t suppose it’d be anywhere else than here in his hometown.

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