When is To The Bone out on Netflix, who’s in a expel with Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves and what’s it about?

July 14, 2017 - Finding Carter

TO THE Bone, a film about a lady battling anorexia, is a most-talked about Netflix uncover given 13 Reasons Why.

Here’s what we need to know about a film that stars a daughter of a stone fable and a really obvious Hollywood actor.

Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves star in To The Bone

Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves star in To The Bone

What is To The Bone about? When is it on Netflix?

The film follows a lady who is pang from anorexia, who has spent years going by liberation programmes, though nothing of them have worked for her.

The trailer opens on a categorical impression Ellen obsessively counting a calories in her dinner, while we see her removing thinner and thinner via a trailer until she collapses carrying not eaten enough.

She’s afterwards sent to a live-in liberation programme with other immature people pang from eating disorders, that is led by a non-traditional alloy who tries to get Ellen to suffer life and feel confident about things.

Tackling a tough theme of eating disorders it could be set to follow in a stairs of 13 Reasons Why, that tackled basin and became a outrageous hit.

You can watch it NOW on Netflix UK.

Lily forsaken a extreme volume of weight to take on a purpose of Ellen

Lily forsaken a extreme volume of weight to take on a purpose of Ellen

Who’s in the To The Bone cast?

Keanu Reeves (Dr William Beckham)

Keanu shot to stardom during a immature age as partial of stoner teen classical Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

He after gained a new multitude of fans in cult strike trilogy, The Matrix in a late 1990s, after apropos an movement favourite in films including Speed.

He many recently played John Wick in a 2014 crack of a same name.

In To The Bone, Keanu plays a alloy who helps Ellen on her approach to recovery.

Lily Collins (Ellen)

Lily Collins, daughter of stone star Phil Collins, is a 28-year-old singer and indication who grew adult in Guildford, Surrey.

She has seemed in a fibre of much-loved Hollywood blockbusters given her career began, including The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, The Blind Side and new Netflix smash, Okja.

Ahead of her starring purpose in a film, Lily suggested that she suffered a eating commotion herself, and wrote about it in her autobiography, Unfiltered.

With a assistance of a nutritionist, she mislaid a weight compulsory to play a harrowing role.

The film has garnered recoil after it was deliberate thinspiration to those pang from anorexia

The film has garnered recoil after it was deliberate ‘thinspiration’ to those pang from anorexia

Kathryn Prescott (Anna)

Kathryn Prescott is a Brit-born singer who is many famed for appearing alongside her twin sister Megan in a E4 teen drama, Skins.

Since afterwards she has done a jump over into Hollywood, and has had a long-running purpose in TV array Finding Carter.

She also had a repeated purpose in 24: Legacy in 2016.

Liana Liberato (Kelly)

Liana is a Texas born, up-and-coming singer who has seemed alongside a array of A-list actors in her prior roles.

This includes bathing plant Annie in a 2010 movie, Trust, and a lamentation crony Kim in 2014 tearjerker, If we Stay.

She will subsequent seem alongside Luke Wilson, Donald Sutherland and Judy Greer in coming-of-age movie, Measure of a Man, due for recover during a finish of this year.

Carrie Preston (Susan)

Carrie Preston is many famous for her purpose as a bubbly waitress Arlene Fowler in a vampire series, True Blood.

She also had roles in strike TV shows including Elsbeth Tascioni in The Good Wife and seemed alongside Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

The singer is lined adult for dual other roles in a destiny – The Dating Game Killer and Aunt Margeret in Daisy Winters.


Keanu Reeves has helped her on a approach to recovery

Keanu Reeves has helped her on a approach to recovery

Has To The Bone been controversial?

To The Bone has come underneath glow for identical reasons to prior Netflix strike 13 Reasons Why.

Some eating commotion sufferers trust that a film romanticises and glamorises their condition while others have warned that it could act as a “how-to guide” for exposed immature women during risk of constrictive an eating disorder.

Australian mental health organization Headspace issues a warning about a film after images from a trailer reportedly seemed on “so-called ‘thinspiration’ websites, that glamorise eating disorders.”

The charity’s CEO Jason Trethowan said: “The regard is about a description of behaviours compared with an eating commotion – and either this might be providing a ‘how to’ beam for teenagers who might be during risk.

“We don’t wish any illustration or contention in a media, on TV, or anywhere else, that has a intensity to place immature people during risk.”

But film executive Marti Noxon, who has struggled with anorexia and bulimia in a past, pronounced her aim was “not to glamorise eating disorders, though to offer as a review starter about an emanate that is too mostly dark by privacy and misconceptions.”

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