Who Is Amira On ’24: Legacy’? The High School Student Has A Much Larger Role

February 6, 2017 - Finding Carter

The ticking time is behind on 24: Legacy, and so are heightened emotions and lots of domestic drama. The newly regenerated array doesn’t have Kiefer Sutherland, though it does have copiousness of exciting, new characters; heated situations; and of course, that famous countdown. One of those new characters who stands out really fast in a premiere of 24: Legacy is Amira, who will expected play a vital purpose over a march of a season.

So far, we know that Amira is a high propagandize tyro creatively from Chechnya who is stealing something big. In a premiere, this doesn’t nonetheless bond to a categorical story, though a dual have to bond eventually. The categorical arc of 24: Legacy is that of new lead is Eric Carter, played by Straight Outta Compton‘s Corey Hawkins. Eric is a former Army Ranger who gets held adult in interlude a militant conflict opposite America that’s connected to his past. Miranda Otto (Homeland) plays Rebecca Ingram, a former conduct of a CTU ends adult removing pulled behind into a ravel when Eric needs her help.

In a premiere, Eric especially needs assistance tracking down his former associate ranger, Ben, who is in possession of a strongbox that contains information about a terrorist’s plans. But he competence shortly need assistance in interlude Amira, who is suggested to be formulation an conflict on a U.S.

Amira’s classmate and friend, Drew, notices that something’s adult and brings adult her motives to his chemistry teacher, though unfortunately, he selected a wrong chairman to disclose in. By a finish of a episode, it’s transparent that this clergyman is operative with — and dating — Amira to assistance her lift out her devise of building a bomb. Amira seems to be operative essentially with her brother, who Deadline reported will be played by Themo Melikidze.

As for Amira herself, she’s played by Kathryn Prescott, a British-born singer who we competence know as Carter Stevens from MTV’s Finding Carter. She also starred in a renouned British array Skins as Emily Fitch. It’ll be engaging to see how her storyline as Amira plays out in a 12 hours that make adult 24: Legacy.

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