Who Is Camper Grandmother Joanna on ‘Code Black’? That’s Meredith Baxter

November 2, 2016 - Finding Carter


Meredith Baxter, Code Black (CBS photo)

In a Code Black part ‘Landslide’, doctors during Angels Memorial provide dual groups — victims held in a landslide in Malibu, and a organisation of children who come in from a camping outing and move measles into a ER. Joanna, grandmother to one of a immature campers, ends adult in a sanatorium bed too.

Joanna is portrayed by Meredith Baxter. She’s famous for her roles on Finding Carter (Gammy), The Young and a Restless (Maureen Ruseell), Cold Case (Ellen Rush), Family Matters (Elyse Keaton, Michael J. Fox’s mother), and Family (Nancy Lawrence Maitland), among others. Baxter is also famous for her purpose as Debbie Sloan (wife of Nixon’s finance/campaign consultant Hugh Sloan) in a 1976 film All a President’s Men. Code Black front Wednesdays during 10pm on CBS.

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