Who’s Hot, Who’s Not in College Basketball on Eve of Championship Week?

March 8, 2015 - Finding Carter

Stanley Johnson, nonetheless another immensely means freshman, averages 13.9 points and 6.6 rebounds per diversion for a Pac-12 champion Arizona Wildcats. In many ways he’s been their best player, positively their best all-round player.

The Wildcats sealed out a unchanging deteriorate with 8 true wins, this notwithstanding Johnson’s ice-cold hold from a field. In his team’s new win over Utah, Johnson chucked up a season-high 19 shots and strike only 3 of them. That’s .158 from a field.

Against UCLA he shot 1-of-9. Against Cal, 5-of-12. Johnson is as streaky as they come, though when he’s not scoring—which is a existence these days—he creates adult for it by crashing a play and removing in opponents’ faces.

In his past dual games he warranted 4 personal fouls in each, a covenant to his glue-like participation on a defensive end.

For Arizona to make poignant inroads in a NCAA tournament, it needs Johnson to move his descent potency up. Utah is a good team, and Arizona will face some-more like it in a indirect tournaments.

Johnson will need to be improved than 3-19.

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