Why a Browns would be crazy to trade a No. 2 collect (hint: RG3)

April 19, 2016 - Finding Carter

If we trust all a gibberish about a Cleveland Browns looking for trades to pierce out of a No. 2 mark in subsequent week’s NFL draft, you’re forced to come to a following conclusions:

1. The Browns are prepared to enter 2016 with Robert Griffin III as their starting quarterback.

2. No, seriously.

That’s a usually judicious endgame to this augmenting speak that a Browns wish out of No. 2 in sequence to get a brood of reduce picks with that to start their rebuild. And, we know what? Maybe it isn’t such a terrible idea. Without a surefire Pro Bowl quarterback accessible (Carson Wentz and Jared Goff seem to be so rarely regarded in this breeze merely given there’s no one else to rarely regard) it’s a reasonable strategy. Not indispensably right, yet reasonable.. Move down, collect some guys between No. 40 and No. 100, get a small breeze abyss and afterwards chuck RG3 into a low finish to see if he’ll float. If he does, great, he’s your quarterback of a future. If not, no problem, there are copiousness of common quarterbacks watchful for a possibility to be Cleveland’s subsequent ex. 

Of course, for we to buy this scenario we contingency take a Lake Erie-sized burst of faith to assume a Browns front bureau can do something – anything – right. This is, after all, a group that frankly drafted Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel in a past 4 years. But hey, even an awful, close-your-eyes-and-wear-a-bag-on-you-head football authorization is right twice each dual decades. (Except for a Bills. Sorry, Buffalo.)  

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Is this a time for Cleveland to finally get it right? Your theory is as good as mine. Read anything about a Browns this offseason and you’ll see how a further of Paul DePodesta, a good statistical mind in ball creation his burst to a NFL with some imagination pretension in a Browns front-office hierarchy, and his use of analytics will be an involuntary cure-all for a team. It’s as if merely observant a word “analytics’ will double a Browns’ win total. Never mind that DePodesta’s ball teams missed a playoffs some-more mostly than not and that football analytics are so vastly opposite than ball analytics that even if DePodesta can find a Moneyball-like corner in NFL evaluation, he’s not expected to do it in his initial 5 months on a job. (Also, ask Houston’s Daryl Morey how good his analytics have worked in a NBA.) Crunching a numbers to weigh talent is good and any sports authorization is stupid to omit that partial of actor research completely. But good analytics aren’t tighten to being guarantees of success, quite in a diversion that’s as team-driven and teammate/opponent-dependent as football. 

Same goes for a thought that RG3 and Hue Jackson will be a good fit. Why? Give me one reason given that’ll happen? we like Hue. we like RG3. we don’t consider that creates them peanut butter and preserve though.

Hue Jackson says he believes Robert Griffin III understands he played a purpose in what played out with a Redskins and that a QB has a piety to uncover for it.

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But maybe a many critical doubt is: Does Cleveland even wish out of a No. 2 pick? Today that fact is gospel. Yesterday it was rumor. The day before it was hearsay. The day before that it was heresy. Don’t trust it. Everything pronounced in a lead-up to a breeze has an distant motive. Nothing can be believed. Stories about presidential campaigns enclose fewer lies and mistruths. Maybe Cleveland wants to stay put yet by floating their seductiveness in relocating down they’ll get a team, fearful during a awaiting of starting a deteriorate with, say, Sam Bradford or Blaine Gabbert during QB, to overpay for a spot. If no one does: no harm, no foul. The Browns select Wentz/Goff and afterwards possibly chuck them to a wolves in Week 1 or let RG3 and Josh McCown quarrel it out for a starting purpose and let Wentz/Goff play in year 2. If a group creates a trade: great! You competence get dual cornerstone guys early in a breeze (Cleveland also picks during No. 32 this year) and can worry about anticipating a quarterback subsequent year.

So what to do? Pull a trigger on a quarterback during No. 2 and wish that years of first-round busts (Tim Couch, Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel) have led to a impulse in that Cleveland can breeze a star? Or do we chuck a garland of players opposite a wall to see if they’ll stick, all while watchful until subsequent year for a quarterback.


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Like we pronounced above, we don’t consider it’s crazy to go into a deteriorate with Griffin as prolonged as we do it with a expectancy that he’ll be terrible and 2016 will be a squandered season, material repairs for a longer fight of removing a authorization behind to respectability and, one day, being contenders. But there’s one problem with that plan: Cleveland is going to need a quarterback one day and contemplating a landscape of a NFL and NCAA, there’s not going to be a sure-thing accessible for a prolonged time, possibly in subsequent year’s giveaway group or a draft. That goes double for a year after. (Though maybe Cleveland thinks Clemson’s Deshaun Watson is a NFL’s subsequent large thing and that they’ll be in a mark to breeze him during No. 1 in 2017. But, come on, no analytics male is going to bank on going 3-13 and anticipating no one else goes 2-14. NFL teams don’t tank given everybody’s job, from a GM to a manager to a players, are distant too tenuous. And, for that matter, there are no certain things in a NFL anyway.)

You can count on one palm a series of quarterbacks in a final 35 years who’ve entered a joining with each expectancy of success who indeed delivered on that hype: John Elway, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Franchise quarterbacks don’t usually cocktail adult each draft. You have to dig. You have to take shots. It took a Packers years to find Brett Favre. The Cowboys had to go by Quincy Carter and an ancient Vinny Testaverde before stumbling on Tony Romo. The Patriots looked for 20 years, got Drew Bledsoe and afterwards saw him fortuitously humour a teenager damage that authorised them to learn Tom Brady. (Bledsoe preceded both Brady and Romo. Maybe a Browns should usually lift him from his winery to see if he can work his sorcery again.) The indicate is, we have to keep personification a QB lottery and wish one will contingent compensate out. Having a year-in, year-out QB is a usually approach to means success. No one wins consistently in this joining though one, unless you’re Joe Gibbs in a 1980s, when a manners were a lot opposite and a vigour to win wasn’t as gloomy as it is today.


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Without a solid, Pro Bowl quarterback type, Cleveland competence hide into a playoffs once or twice yet they’re not going anywhere deep, not in a multiplication that has Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton. If they could get a male usually within sniffing stretch of any of those three, that competence be enough. But where is that quarterback? You’re crazy if we consider it’s RG3. He’s finished zero – literally zero (and I’m not regulating “literal” in a metaphorical way) – given removing harm during a finish of his enchanting 2012 season. He never wanted to spin a slot passer. Now he and Hue Jackson are going to spin him into Joe Montana? Come on.

There can be zero a Browns front bureau has seen out of new Griffin that would make them practically consider he can be their quarterback of a future. They can hope. They can flicker adequate where they can remonstrate themselves that he competence have a shot. But let’s usually contend that if they were in year 4 of their reign instead of year one, they wouldn’t have a oppulance of vouchsafing Griffin play for a season.


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So, if we were a betting male – strike that – if we were a betting male putting income on this draft, I’d contend a Browns don’t pass on their quarterback during No. 2 and maybe start RG3 with Wentz/Goff watchful in a wings. If I’m wrong and this torrent of probable disguise is scold and Griffin is sent out to a wolves for 16 weeks (or as prolonged as his physique will reason adult – so substantially Week 5), afterwards he’s being set adult to destroy as most as anything. He’s a no-risk, little-reward signing. He’s a quarterbacking scapegoat for a group that’s unintentionally been creation them for years.

But, as available and seismic as an RG3-aissance competence be for a franchise, right now a Cleveland Browns can’t truly be banking on a fact that a Redskins discard is their quarterback of a future. we don’t caring how most we tinker with a numbers – no volume of analytics will give we that result.

Stay put during No. 2. See what we have in Goff/Wentz (with a combined advantage of carrying a Rams make a coin-flip preference for you). The Cleveland Browns classification bulldozed past impatience a decade ago. What’s another few years?


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