With “Chapter Sixteen,” Riverdale cruises behind into the honeyed spot

October 26, 2017 - Finding Carter

It can’t be pronounced enough: Riverdale is a form of uncover where even with a introduction of a (kind of terrible) sequence killer, a coma dreams of Dylan McKay, and a vivid “Milkshake” cover on tip of a unwell diner, it takes a lot for it to grasp a limit balls-to-the-wall crazy level. Even with all of those things (and more) in a second season’s initial dual episodes, a uncover hadn’t nonetheless felt like it done a constant lapse to Riverdale form. At least, not until now with “Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher In The Woods.”


In invulnerability of “Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying” and “Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks,” those episodes were unequivocally many early set-up for a rest of a season/this sold arc. In my examination of “Chapter Fifteen,” we criticized a use of reset buttons as partial of a set-up for this season, and while those are still benefaction in “Chapter Sixteen,” there is reduction of a complicated palm on a symbol this time around. Instead, “Chapter Sixteen” is a constant lapse to a Riverdale that doesn’t need to crank a assembly and totally reintroduce them to a world. There is still copiousness of set-up, nonetheless “Chapter Sixteen” is not a set-up partial above all else. It’s usually Riverdale, and it’s a chronicle of Riverdale that even does good for dual of a hardest to hoop characters, Archie and Kevin.

Kevin Keller is a impression who seems like he should be so many easier for Riverdale to grasp. In a initial season, he and Veronica were mostly a usually dual characters who called pleasantness to usually how crazy things are in Riverdale. His attribute with his father was also one of a many surprisingly lovely aspects of a show, a judgment that’s thankfully still treated as critical in this episode. (Let a record uncover that while Sheriff Keller is not a best sheriff, he’s positively still a frontrunner for best Riverdale parent. By a nation mile. Sorry, Fred.) But a multiple of Gay Best Friend characterization and a innocence in his attribute with Joaquin (as good as the San Junipero send-off was) led to a box of abating earnings for a character. It also didn’t assistance that actor Casey Cott was “only” a guest star, creation a presumably critical character—as Betty’s best friend, a sheriff’s son, an plainly happy nonetheless still rather reputable figure in a town, even a flattering decent writer to mystery-solving—end adult on a hinterland as a result.

But now that he’s a array regular, a expectancy is that he will have some-more on his plate. So after a few scenes sprinkled in deteriorate two’s initial integrate of episodes, “Chapter Sixteen” looks like a central commencement to a righting of a sold wrongs with a character. And while it’s a bit of a bummer beginning, it is one that does what Riverdale is all about: It peels behind a shadows on viewed lightness, as upsetting as that ends adult being. In this case, it comes in a form of Kevin and his new hobby of/compulsion for cruising in a woods during night. This is also how he finds a damaged-but-still-alive Moose and Midge in a woods… nonetheless while life-saving is a large deal, it’s not a concentration of Kevin’s story in this episode.


Kevin’s quandary in this partial is one of those Riverdale plots that’s realer than most, nonetheless it still works effectively nonetheless wanting any over-the-top bells or whistles to keep it engaging or contend a tension. The closest a tract even gets to “over-the-top” is a impulse where Kevin imagines a automobile climb stabbing him. It’s legitimately slasher film scary, nonetheless it’s also a impulse that plays on a show’s determined vulnerable universe as good as a Black Hood’s (and a lot of terrible people’s) determined position opposite sinners. Given Riverdale’s simple dystopia status, it’s plausible and a genuine use once it turns out it was all usually a dream. It is a large understanding that Kevin gets divided unscathed, both in an partial and deteriorate where a writers are attempting to make transparent that no one is protected and as a indicate that Kevin himself creates to Betty. He doesn’t have a same regretful options as her, and his high propagandize experience—no matter how usurpation a propagandize itself is—won’t be a same as hers, no matter how many she wants to use a “we’re all in this together” evidence for him. Kevin’s past dual adore interests have been closeted jock Moose* and squad member (with distant motives) Joaquin. So while Kevin reaches an emotionally cathartic impulse with his father during a finish of a episode, it’s substantially for a best that it doesn’t erase his progressing quarrel with Betty. Not since she snitched nonetheless since it’s time for Riverdale to inspect who Kevin unequivocally is outward his loyalty with Betty.

As for Archie, his PTSD and ubiquitous trauma—while engaging supposing he finally admits he needs assistance and gets it—in “Chapter Fifteen” took on a reduction fun form than approaching from “Chapter Fourteen.” But here in “Chapter Sixteen,” child does it deliver. Because while there’s zero nonetheless beating when it comes to Archie deliberation drug abuse and unintentionally creation a evidence for gun control, there’s zero nonetheless ideal Riverdale-ian fun when it comes to him translating that into a teenage child militia. A (sometimes shirtless) teenage child militia, sponsored by Riverdale High School and speedy by Hiram Lodge. That’s what Riverdale should be. That’s what Riverdale is. Even improved is how Archie’s middle round reacts to his new hobby: like it’s any aged Archie hobby. They all yield it like it’s his new song thing, possibly it’s Jughead’s entertainment during his expostulate to do it or Veronica simply reminding Archie not to move it adult (like he would his music) during cooking with her parents. This is a same partial where Archie tries to fake he unequivocally did many to assistance solve Jason Blossom’s murder too, so it creates clarity that many characters would usually palm call his preference to be a teenage vigilante. Even when there’s a legitimate hazard in and around town.

For destiny reference, this is a list of people who consider a Red Circle is a good idea:

  • Archie, a chairman who should not be put in assign of things. This was even a box for football. Keep in mind that he usually gets a Red Circle suspicion since he hides his gun underneath his comics, with his aged toys, since he is a youth.
  • New Reggie, a chairman who thinks sauce like a attempted killer of his teammate’s father creates a good prank. He is also a legit drug dealer, so we know, is he unequivocally that endangered with cleaning adult a town?
  • Principal Weatherbee, a chairman who realizes this “school club” is teen vigilantism, but… that’s good for propagandize spirit, we guess?
  • Dilton Doiley, a verbatim doomsday prepper (and gun runner) who a initial deteriorate done transparent should also not be around kids.
  • The Riverdale football team, who are mysoginistic during best.
  • Hiram Lodge, a convicted felon.
  • Ethel, as they do indeed assistance her. Though now we have to ask who was following her and if it was (unfortunately) customary nuisance or Black Hood-related. And if it’s Black Hood-related, what’s Ethel’s sin?
  • Possibly Jughead, nonetheless usually as a joke.

While this partial focuses a lot on Archie’s teen host thing, sadly we’re deprived of a full intensity of a customary ungainly Riverdale cooking as a outcome of that focus. We get a stage where Veronica promises to learn him some common Spanish phrases for a dinner, nonetheless not once do we hear him grocer a unfamiliar denunciation or learn that Veronica is brief for Josephine. “Rum?…Like a alcohol?” is still flattering good though.

But as Veronica spends a good cube of her time creation certain her father approves of her beloved and friends, she also spends usually as many time in a weird adore triangle with her mom for pronounced father’s affections and trust. Though while Veronica competence not know it, she’s already kind of won. Hiram’s unequivocally many endangered with gripping his daughter in his good graces and with a faith that he’s a good guy, even nonetheless a latter isn’t a case. And any problems with a former aren’t accurately Hermione’s fault, as many as he believes they are. When Hiram threatens Hermione for even meditative to “poison” Veronica opposite him, it’s a outcome of a stage where Veronica many goads her mom into revelation a law about Hiram. Hermione doesn’t punch and is constant to her husband, nonetheless even that’s not good adequate for him.

“Chapter Sixteen” continues to successfully beg a box for Hermione Lodge’s impression mutation into “evil” Hermione, generally when her scenes with Veronica fill a blank left by both an absent (and of march Cheryl-controlled) Penelope Blossom and an differently rapt Alice Cooper. While Alice competence get a final word in her stage with Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy, she’s still rather resigned in this partial due to Polly’s preference to go to “the farm.” But Marisol Nichols picks adult a slack, consistently startling everybody with usually how cold and sparse she can play Hermione. She and Mark Consuelos are personification a many opposite form of a any of a primogenitor characters, and it’s a fun to see. It’s also a sign that Riverdale can continue to warn even with a some-more informed components.

Even nonetheless Archie is totally consumed with reserve in his community, it should of march be remarkable that that village doesn’t extend to a Southside. Although, if a Red Circle attempted to lift their sold code of jock probity on a Southside, a formula would positively be entertaining.


Over on a Southside, we have Jughead finally behind during his tangible school, as a uncover hits a reset symbol again to fake this is his initial day of school.** With Southside High Day One (Take 2.0), we’re introduced to a new Jughead/Serpents dynamic, a opposition squad called The Ghoulies, and a truly joyless depiction of an impecunious high school. Jingle Jangle in a hallways, graffiti everywhere, gone newspapers, and cliques distant by possibly their squad connection or cannibal status. It’s moments like these where we can’t trust that Riverdale is a radio uncover that even exists for me to write about, and this is a same examination where we usually wrote about a supporters of a tiny city teenage vigilante mob. As is a approach of televised squalor, a scenes during Southside High are even darker blue than customary Riverdale. However, distinct a school’s introduction in deteriorate one, Jughead doesn’t have a easiest time during his new propagandize this time around. It’s tough to contend that anyone examination suspicion Jughead was unequivocally going to be means to perform his guarantee to Betty that he was going to stay out of a Serpent world, nonetheless “Chapter Sixteen” creates it transparent that usually when he thinks he’s out, they lift him behind in. And this is usually a outcome of being a bequest Serpent, not even being a bone-fide criminal. But while Archie thinks he’s assisting solve crime in town, Jughead’s new vicinity lead him to continue to indeed do so; he learns on usually his initial day that a tough drugs creation their approach to a Northside are pleasantness of The Ghoulies. He also learns he can’t usually keep regulating a Serpents as his personal preference use too, nonetheless that’s not as easy to learn.

“Chapter Sixteen” is a initial partial of a deteriorate that truly feels like it’s picking behind adult where rise Riverdale deteriorate left off. And while it still leaves a lot of things inexperienced and unsaid, what it does hold and contend is as good as it can be. (Somehow, Archie doesn’t have a genuine greeting to a exhibit that he was right about a Black Hood and all a attacks being connected.) As Riverdale opens a universe adult more, it’s apropos even some-more inconceivable that anyone ever suspicion it was a sweet, ideal town, nonetheless that’s partial of a series’ charm. Not usually does this partial yield a good showcase for dual of a some-more formidable to spike characters (while Josie’s purpose is still a problem for a show, a uncover doesn’t unequivocally have a problem wiht a impression itself), nonetheless it gets behind into a brazen movement of a season. Funnily enough, it does so nonetheless indeed carrying a Black Hood go after anyone, nonetheless with his proclivity now out in a open, it also gives these characters some-more of a reason to act before it’s too late. As I’ve mentioned before, Riverdale still provides moments that offer as reminders of since it’s so enjoyable. But when it does them consistently from scene-to-scene, with everybody concerned removing in on a fun, that’s when it works. “Chapter Sixteen” works.

Stray observations

  • Riverdale Roulette: Technically it competence not count as a teen genre block of media, nonetheless we have to advise Dangerous Minds this week. Specifically for a fact that Southside High School so unequivocally many needs someone to Dangerous Minds them. That or Take The Lead them, and we usually don’t design that from this show. Part of me wanted to advise an partial of Finding Carter, in honour of Vanessa Morgan’s entrance as Toni Topaz. But afterwards we usually get indignant remembering how fast that uncover went off a rails, even if Morgan’s impression remained a many sufferable throughout. Despite being named Bird.
  • * we need to know that Riverdale knows it’s fine for Moose to be a closeted (if he contingency be closeted) bisexual man and not usually a closeted happy guy. His stage with Kevin is Moose’s best and many engaging scene, nonetheless even nonetheless he says he’s not certain Midge is a right chairman for him, that doesn’t and shouldn’t indispensably meant it’s simply since she’s a girl. It’s alright for Moose to be into Midge—and even if he’s not into Midge, during slightest other girls—as good as Kevin or any other guys.
  • ** While partial promos tend to play with a judgment of a tangible law of a episodes, it’s a partial synopses and press releases for “Chapter Sixteen” that keep attack “first day of school” with Jughead’s story. And a tract treats it as such.
  • Will Riverdale go as predicted as probable with Betty/Jughead/Toni? Jughead already has some Serpent lady difficulty with Penny Peabody, so he unequivocally does not need more. Although, we do consternation if Jughead is going to conflict with a same volume of warn each time he meets another womanlike member of a Southside Serpents. Because it would indeed be a flattering good repeated bit.
  • Riverdale is a form of uncover where we consider Jughead competence usually be a jerk loner job a Serpent “sweet pea,” usually to immediately accept, “Of march his ‘name’ is usually Sweet Pea” when Toni also calls him that. This is a good show.
  • That Kevin points out how strange dating apps while doing something that can be usually as (or even more) dangerous straddles a line between absurd Riverdale comment and legitimate grievance. Because while Kevin’s right that he could simply be cheated by a fake depiction from a dating app, he refuses to acknowledge how dangerous Riverdale itself is, even if we consider we know someone. He during slightest realizes this in his final cruising attempt.
  • Cheryl’s off on a sidelines enlivening unsure teenage seuxal acts in this episode… until she isn’t. Cheryl plays a purpose of smart-alecky spectator this episode, and while that’s still technically a good use of her time, it’s kind of a rubbish overall. She gives Betty a debate about Kevin’s issues stemming from nauseous duckling incited pleasing swan status, nonetheless it turns out that’s not accurately a case. And really, if Cheryl didn’t call Betty, we feel like she would’ve finished adult facilitating something intensely dangerous function to Kevin.
  • “Dark Betty” is great, nonetheless we don’t accurately feel a same approach about characters usually throwing out “Dark Betty” in conversation. Unless they’ve been confronted by (or witnessed pronounced fight by) Betty in a black wig during any point.
  • Horror proof dictates that Polly regulating divided to “the farm” is a choice that’s going to punch her in a ass, nonetheless after Moose and Midge’s supernatural shun after final week’s conclusion, we can’t see Riverdale being confidant or dauntless adequate to have a Black Hood do anything to a profound Polly. Not that I’m observant we wish this psychopath to go after a profound girl, nonetheless her regulating and separating herself from her family is apparently a bad choice. If Riverdale does go there though, afterwards wow. (Speaking of fear and Riverdale, props again to a Kevin anticipation stage as good as a Jughead/Southside After Dark scene.)
  • Now we’re behind during block one when it comes to how a Black Hood knew where Grundy was, as his motives are formed on her sins as opposite to a personal vendetta. So how did a Black Hood know where she was? How does a man know about any of these people and their actions? Other than by listening to Jughead’s voiceover, that is. By a way, even a Black Hood knows Grundy’s a child predator. Will Archie ever comprehend that? That’s a biggest poser of all. On that note, we will couple to this Cosmopolitan article.
  • I consider a funniest thing about Archie’s conflict cry opposite a Black Hood is that a man doesn’t even see him as a target: Based on his criteria and letter, if anything, he sees Archie as a victim. So we suppose that possibly a Black Hood did not watch Archie’s YouTube video, or he watched it with an amused demeanour on his face (kind of like Hiram).
  • An extraordinary shot in this episode: Pensive Archie sitting in front of Veronica’s glow place, as nonetheless he’s a impression meant to be taken severely in any form. This is a same stage where he says “us” when articulate about a people who solved Jason’s murder. This is since his friends usually let him go with his small militia; it’s something glossy to confuse him.
  • Jughead: “No, don’t stop him. Archie going Travis Bickle is my favorite Archie yet.”
  • Sheriff Keller: “Did ya indeed consider I’d let a garland of teenagers form a militia?” Yes, since we did. Also yes, since we continued to concede them to do so. Shirtless, even.
  • Polly: “I’m an solitary mother, carrying my cousin’s babies. we am a print child for sin, Betty.” First of all, it’s good to see Polly get a win on her approach out with that line. Second of all, how could Betty severely contend that Polly isn’t a sinner? No one’s observant Polly’s a bad person, nonetheless regulating a matter of fact clarification of impiety that this sold knave is using, yes, of march Polly is a sinner.
  • Hermione: “You’re personification with fire, we wish we to know.”
    Veronica: “I’m polishing cutlery, mom.” Every day, Veronica strays closer toward Hermione slapping her.
  • Hermione: “Pobrecita. Poor small princess. The aristocrat will always keep her during arm’s length.” This is really a normal thing a good primogenitor should contend to their child.
  • This partial is technically not as complicated on a Sabrina spin-off teasing, but it does still have a shoutout, privately in a Red Circle stuff. Red Circle is not an Archie comics character, nonetheless it is a impress that published a fantasy/horror (and after superhero) stories underneath that umbrella. Specifically Chilling Adventures In Sorcery As Told By Sabrina and a Black Hood comics. It truly contingency be a deteriorate of a witch.
  • Everyone keeps comparing a Black Hood things to Zodiac, nonetheless we wish it to be Riverdale’s Snowman. Make of that what we will.
  • I do conclude that Hiram’s “man-to-man” speak with Archie—as meaningful as it initial sounds—is usually a customary honour talk. Telling him not to hide into Veronica’s bedroom during night? It’s a current request. Of course, it turns into Hiram pulling Archie some-more and some-more into teen vigilante justice, so that’s… different. Trying to empty Hiram’s actions when it comes to Archie/Red Circle, is a indicate that Hiram wants to destroy Riverdale and reconstitute it in his image? Because suggesting youths take over crime impediment is really pivotal to a initial half of that plan.

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