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January 9, 2018 - Finding Carter

Maidstone drew 4-4 with Woking on a crazy afternoon during Kingfield.

Goals from Kane Ferdinand and Inih Effiong were cancelled out by Stuart Lewis and Jai Reason’s chastisement before Joe Pigott finished it 3-2 as Maidstone scored twice in a minute.

Charlie Carter controversially leveled early in a second half yet United went behind in front with Lewis’ second goal.

Maidstone United manager Jay Saunders Picture: Andy Payton

That wasn’t a finish of it, though, with Jason Banton fast creation it 4-4.

Both sides had chances to win one of a many open games you’ll see and, by a end, a usually warn was that conjunction scored again.

Maidstone were delayed out of a blocks, usually as they were when these sides met here in final season’s 4-2 cracker that eventually went their way.

Woking, with large striker Effiong a handful, combined a array of half-chances, while Lee Worgan sloping over Charlie Carter’s bombardment before a Cards went in front.

The idea came in a 21st notation in bizarre resources after Lewis mislaid possession in midfield.

United, awaiting an offside flag, seemed to stop personification when a round reached Ferdinand.

Judging by a Woking man’s impertinent throw it was roughly as yet he felt a dwindle would be going adult too – yet it didn’t.

Maidstone leveled 5 mins after with Pigott anticipating Loza before Lewis’ deflected strike from a dilemma of a area wrongfooted screw Nathan Baxter.

Woking were behind in front in a 34th minute.

It was a bad one to concur with Effiong given time to get his shot divided from usually outward a box and we can usually theory Worgan didn’t get most of a demeanour during it.

Back came a Stones, scoring twice in a 42nd notation to lead during a break.

Reason equalised from a mark after Loza was fouled in a box, afterwards Pigott kick Baxter with a pleasing chip.

A crazy diversion was all block 5 mins into a second half.

Seth Twumasi had finished brilliantly to reason off male towering Effiong yet was afterwards wrestled to a floor.

Amazingly, arbitrate Neil Hair waved play on with Effiong anticipating Carter who dismissed home.

Stones were mad yet regained a lead in a 53rd notation pleasantness of Lewis’ second.

They’d been screaming for a chastisement yet a dilemma was given and while Lewis’ shot was blocked, he thumped home a follow-up by a throng of players.

That was never going to be a finish of a scoring and, certain enough, Woking finished it 4-4 on a hour when Banton’s deflected 20-yarder gave Worgan no chance.

Pigott went tighten from Tom Wraight’s flick-on as United threatened a fifth while Woking had a idea ruled out for a tainted on Worgan and saw Ferdinand skip a good possibility as a crazy diversion continued to go from finish to end.

Stoned introduced Johan ter Horst and his round opposite a six-yard box was great out for a finish relocating into a final 10 minutes.

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