WVU prepares to face Kansas with most to play for

January 15, 2018 - Finding Carter

MORGANTOWN — Frustrated with officiating and incompetent to find a stroke on offense, a No. 2 WVU men’s basketball group know what a problems are, though simply need a few answers.

And before a Mountaineers can hardly blink, here come a 12th-ranked Kansas Jayhawks (14-3, 4-1 Big 12), who will revisit a WVU Coliseum, during 9 p.m. on Jan. 15, in a Big Monday showdown on inhabitant TV.

“This is since we came here, to play games,” WVU indicate ensure Jevon Carter said. “It’s good to go out there and play.”

The discerning turnaround from Saturday’s 72-71 highway detriment opposite No. 8 Texas Tech competence be usually what a second-ranked Mountaineers (15-2, 4-1) need, though another diversion difficult by tainted difficulty and bad sharpened isn’t what WVU has in mind.

Both were a cause opposite a Red Raiders, who were means to erase an 11-point necessity in a final 13 mins in that WVU wasn’t creation shots and also had several pivotal players in and out of a diversion in tainted trouble.

“I don’t know how you’re ostensible to play aggressively when Lamont West has 3 [fouls], Wes Harris has four, Sags [Sagaba Konate] has four, J.C. [Carter] has four, Dax [Miles Jr.] has 5 and Beetle [Bolden] has three,” Huggins said. “I mean, those are a guys that we play. How tough can we play when everyone’s in tainted trouble?”

WVU’s assertive full-court character of invulnerability lends itself to some-more fouls, though a 27 fouls called opposite WVU was a third Big 12 diversion this deteriorate in that a Mountaineers were whistled for during slightest 25 in one game.

In Big 12 play, WVU is averaging 23.4 fouls per diversion and has usually had one diversion (Baylor, on Jan. 9) where a competition was charged with some-more fouls than a Mountaineers.

“It’s frustrating, though we also have to pull through,” pronounced WVU youth brazen Esa Ahmad, who finished with 18 points and 6 rebounds in his deteriorate entrance after a 16-game suspension. “There were some calls we didn’t determine with, though those are partial of a game.”

The frustrations with officiating came during both ends of a building opposite Texas Tech, according to Huggins, who felt some-more fould should have been called on a Red Raiders perplexing to urge Ahmad.

“He’s a 6-foot-8 tiny brazen who goes to a rim, though we don’t consider he gets a advantage [from referees] that other people get, since of his strength,” Huggins said. “He really simply could have been during a free-throw line a lot more.”

The bigger problem WVU faces is a shooting. The Mountaineers are usually 42 of 120 (35 percent) from a margin in their final dual games and are final in a Big 12 for a season, joining on 43 percent.

Kansas, that is sharpened 51 percent from a margin as a team, leads a Big 12 and is ninth in a nation in sharpened percentage.

“We were doing a bad pursuit of using offense,” Carter said. “We had a lot of tough shots and contested shots. We’ve got to go and watch film and scold those mistakes.”

Ahmad pronounced WVU’s passes aren’t anticipating open shooters in time, though Huggins pronounced he was still acid for guys to make shots other than Carter and Ahmad opposite Texas Tech.

Carter’s 22 shot attempts are a career high.

“We couldn’t get anyone else other than he and Esa to make a shot,” Huggins said. “He didn’t wish to fire it that much. we didn’t wish him to fire it that much, though that was a usually approach we could stay in a game, since other guys weren’t creation any shots.”

All of it can fast be put in a past with a win opposite a Jayhawks, who are entrance off their possess one-point diversion — a 73-72 feat over opposition Kansas State.

“We’ve usually got to go in hungry,” Ahmad said. “I know my guys are going to do that.”

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